My Summer in Clacton!

Earlier this year I went to Clacton-On-Sea (St Oysths), in Essex for two weeks with my boyfriend and I wanted to show off a few pictures I took which I thought were just oh so beautiful.

As Clacton has recently (for the past three years) become my happy place – which is for those who are unaware, a place where you feel the most happy and can truly relax and unwind, I love capturing different images from every trip every year for the memories, so below are a few of my favs!

You cannot deny that this photograph is absolutely beautiful.

This is honestly my favourite photograph of the lot; it’s just so pretty! That sunset is like a perfect blended eyeshadow look… if that’s what you’re going for! Plus, along with the texture of the waves in the sea and the rocks… It’s just perfection – and I captured it all in one photo!

It was a nice sunny day and the sun was bouncing off the sea and the rocks, making it look really beautiful, so I needed to capture the scene!

There was quite a few sunny days when we were in St Osyths – so much so that I actually got sunburned twice! When we were walking back from a bootsale along the sea front, this was what was before my eyes and in real life, it was almost breath taking…

Another sunset; what would you know? Well… I love sunsets!

I can’t quiet remember where I was coming from or going to when I took this photo – I’m pretty sure I had just wanted to get some sea air into my lungs, so that’s why this picture now exists. It’s a favourite of mine because the sunset, although nothing too magical, makes the photo bright in places (like in the pool of water within grass) that wouldn’t be otherwise and it makes the scene look really calming and easy on the eyes to look at.

A busy Clacton Pier on a sunny Sunday afternoon!

This probably isn’t the most flattering picture, let’s be honest! However, it is still one of my favourites because it presents so much in just one section. It shows how popular the Pier is when it’s sunny and it shows a variety of people enjoying the sun together, socialising and happy. It just puts me in a good mood looking at this. It reminds me of when I was there, and how I felt.

Clacton Pier from a distance.

This photo is a favourite, because of everything really. I know that sounds like the most bland answer ever,  and you’re right, but if you look at everything together; the sea, the sand, the greenery, the walkway and the Pier, it all makes the picture look really nice and really relaxing to look at. Although, I reckon if it wasn’t a beautiful sunny day (so sunny, I got sun burned on my face) it wouldn’t look as good – so the sun is the main and most important feature!

The sound of the waves are always peaceful!

This is probably the most boring picture to anyone else, but for me, it’s so relaxing and that is why it’s my favourite. Every time I look at this picture, I will remember the sound of the waves and the peacefulness of it. It will keep me calm in nervous or panicked situations. It’s a multipurpose picture! It’s just beautiful!

I can’t post all of my photos here, so if you’re interested in seeing more photographs from my holiday to Clacton-On-Sea (St Oysths) then go and follow me on instagram here or on twitter here.

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