Beauty Apps: How far is too far when retouching a selfie?

Ever taken a really nice selfie that you look utterly beautiful in, then you notice all the little tiny flaws on your face that you think are a big deal, so you go onto the appstore and download one of the many beauty apps and start to take all the blemishes away? Yeah, same.

You’re one of many in the long line of females who have used a beauty app for the sake of a better looking face. I have used a beauty app on a few photos (mainly ones I wanted to put as my Facebook display picture) I’ll admit it! I am sure there are also loads of other females out there that either use them on a regular basis or have at some point in their selfie taking life, so don’t feel guilty – we have all been there.

However, with the world of beauty apps being all the range for the past few years, I wanted to see just how far you can take a beauty app, in the sense were you can really transform your look from the original photo. So how far is too far?

I decided to test out an app called InstaBeauty available for free on the Google Appstore. So here are my tested photos and my thoughts!

IMG_20160216_153127 (1) (2)
My first attempt – tried to keep it quiet natural.

I decided to go somewhat natural on this one. I wanted to see the differences if I only smoothed my skin, added some enhanced lashes and took the dark circles away from under my eyes. This edited version is pretty lowkey considering the rest of the photos below, but it is obvious that it has been edited. I guess if a person was to do the same edit to their own selfie, they could get away with it because people would be less likely to point it out. I wouldn’t say if someone was to use this on their own selfie, that they would have gone too far with the beauty app.

A little bit more…

I decided to add more beauty effects to this selfie. I added the normal skin smoother, got rid of the dark circles, added an eyeshadow and eyeliner design and then slimmed my face to look as ‘natural’ as possible. If I was to use the edited photo, without the original next to it, it would still look really obvious that it had been touched up; so I would look slightly different to the photo if you were to meet me in person, but not to the point of being unrecognisable.
However, even though my eyelids have seemed to decrease with the eye make-up, I don’t think it looks that unrealistic. It doesn’t even look like I have used an app to apply it. If I hadn’t added the smoothing of the skin so much, it probably could have looked quite unedited. I still don’t think this would be too far in terms of using a beauty app. I find this pretty acceptable.

This is similar to the one above – with a bit more added.

I added the same beauty effects as to the photo before but I also added more on top of that too. I added a lip colour, a blusher and slimed down my nose. I also slimmed my face down more than beforehand which seems really obvious when you put the original photo next to it, but without it, you probably wouldn’t be able to tell all that much. It is quiet surprising just how easy it was and just how much you can slim down a part of your body, without it looking completely distorted. If I had just done that feature, without adding anything else, I doubt anyone would have known that it was edited – and I think that’s quiet scary if you think about it!
In terms of the whole look, I would definitely say it is too far for a beauty app. You can tell that I look completely different from the original and to the point where you would have to double take whether it was me or not. The slimming of the nose looks ridiculous, because it looks blantent that something is up with it. No natural nose looks like that. Plus the blusher and lip colour looks way too pigmented to be actual make up, or for it to pass as good.

To the extreme!

This one is completely extreme. Obviously. I slimmed down my face again and decided to go OTT with the blusher – as you can see, it looks very streaky! I also decided to go full force with the lipstick too and I chose a more pinky colour, because why not? I also did more to my nose by slimming down the bridge, and even though I was trying to make it look natural, you can still tell it isn’t. I also slimmed down my face too like I had done with the past two pictures.
I probably could have done even more to this than I have done and go even more extreme, but I decided to try and keep it as ‘natural’ as possible – given the circumstances of my experiment. I already had make up on in the original photograph as you can see, but even so, even with the edited version you can’t tell between the fake and the real make up! The entirity of this selfie is just way too far, and I think many would agree with me.  Nobody needs to edit their photos this heavily.

I’m all for getting rid of those dark circles, smoothing the skin and defusing the few spots that you really don’t want to make an appearance for that brand new profile picture, but when you start slimming down your face, both the shape and features on it and applying false eyeshadow, eyeliner and lipstick, then I think you need to question your reasons for using the app.

YouTube Beauty Guru, Holly Sheeran, 26, from Nottingham has her view on the way beauty apps are being used, she said: “I don’t actually use beauty apps themselves because I don’t feel like I need to. I feel like sometimes they can look quiet overdone. My friends actually use them quiet a bit and sometimes they just look really plastic and fake and I actually don’t think they look very good at all sometimes when they are done incorrectly and maybe not as a professional would do them.”

All of the examples I have used are what I would consider to be too far for how I would edit my own selfies because the most I would do is get rid of the dark circles under my eyes, if I feel like it is really obvious to other people and makes me look worse with it still there.
Other than that I don’t like to alter my pictures in any further because I like my selfies to look as natural as possible and that includes after retouching.

I wanted to show just how much you can transform yourself with a beauty app and I definitely achieved that. Everyone will have a different opinion on how far is too far when retouching a selfie on beauty apps because each individual has a different outlook on not only what they use those apps for, but also for what they percieve natural to truly be.

To see more of Holly Sheeran on YouTube, go to her channel here.




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