Why I turned from being a Meat-Eater to a Vegetarian.

I had been a meat eater since birth, but on the 9th May of this year, I turned Vegetarian.

I guess the question that is on your mind is; why now? Well, let me explain.

I grew up on my parent’s diet. They have always been meat eaters and I never really challenged the way I was eating. I just thought that eating meat was the way of life. Through my years of growth, it never really crossed my mind that there was another way to live. I mean sure, I’d heard of Vegetarianism and Veganism, but I had never really thought in depth about it. It was always a passive thought that didn’t stick around for a long time.

It wasn’t until a few years ago, that I started to learn about cruelty-free makeup and I did my research into what they did to animals when they tested products on them. I found out that it makes them feel emense pain and most of the time leads to poor innocent animal lives being taken all for the sake of vanity. It made me angry that not only this still goes on with a majority of make up products, but because I had used them without knowing the cruelty that was taking place.

Then a thought came to me. Why am I so against animal testing, but I am still eat animals? I couldn’t really come up with a valid excuse. The only thing I could think of was that it was the way of life – it was all I had ever known, but that wasn’t good enough. I haven’t been a big meat eater anyway, so it seemed like a no-brainer to change my lifestyle.

I couldn’t sit here and say that I loved animals and I was against animal cruelty, but then continue to eat meat, it just didn’t feel right. It hadn’t felt right for a long time since I started transition the make up brands I used.

The generic response would be the part where I tell you I watched the most well-known documentaries about how animals are treated in slaughter houses and that it had put me off meat for life – but I can’t say that, because I haven’t and I don’t want to watch them if I’m being completely honest. I can only imagine what they show us, but I didn’t need to see it, to stop eating meat.

I had thought about stopping my meat consumption from a while there onwards, but I was stuck. I was stuck because I didn’t know how to make the transition and I knew I would have controversary when I announced it to family and friends. I won’t lie, it did put me off because I was worried, scared, nervous. I thought people would dislike my decision.

I thought about transitioning to a pescatarian and then moving onto then be a vegetarian, but I didn’t want to do that. It didn’t feel right for me. If I was going to transition, I wanted to do it full force; to stop eating animal meat altogether and that included fish too. So I did it, I decided on the 9th of May that I wouldn’t eat anymore meat and I would class myself as a Vegetarian.

So, how has the transition been for me since then?

It has been hard at times, I won’t lie. Sometimes I have even forgotten that I don’t eat meat anymore. Not that I have accidently put a piece in chicken in my mouth and eaten it, but I have craved chicken every so often. I have zoned out and forgot for a few moments that I was vegetarian. I reckon when I have been vegetarian for a few years, the cravings and the forgetfulness will disappear and I should be used to this new way of life.

I have had family and friends look down on my decision a little bit, but I always knew that would happen. I knew I would get a few friends who couldn’t quiet understand why I decided to suddenly change my diet. They insisted that this transition was a phase and that I couldn’t live without Chicken and Beef, but I showed them they were wrong and I think now they have all realised that I am serious. If not, I hope that they realise it by now, with this blog post.

This was never a decision that I jumped into just because I wanted to look cool or on trend. Sure, I could have looked more into what I could eat as a vegetarian to replace meat, but I knew I could learn as I go – like trail and error. I had actually thought about being vegetarian for a long time, but I wanted to make sure that this was right for me, that I knew I was making the right decision for my health and wellbeing. There is so much negativity towards vegetarians and vegans, that I had to decide if this was the lifestyle I really wanted to transfer to, then I needed to be sure.

I haven’t struggled as much as I thought I would and I feel so much better for it in more ways than one. It was definitely the best decision I made.

I know I am not vegan, so I still eat diary products and occasionally eggs, which I know come with animal cruelty too, but I’m taking this one step at a time. Maybe one day in the future I will be able to pluck up the courage and have the confidence to transition completely, but for now, I am still finding my feet with being a vegetarian and I am happy.

Today marks four months since changing my diet and I couldn’t be more proud of myself.


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