Gillian Flynn: Gone Girl | Review

I have never read a book quiet like this before. My mind is blown!

I am generally quiet a savvy bookworm, so I understand how a romantic book novel goes in terms of structure and the storyline. I know how predictable they can be and when I guess how it’s going to end, 8 times out of 10, I’m right. However, Gone Girl is on a whole new level of ‘romantic’ novel. It is completely different, completely original and completely unpredictable.

Funnily enough, I didn’t actually plan on reading this book to begin with, it was only because I was seeing loads of people rave about it on the internet and as I was having a rubbish day, I thought, why not? So I ordered it on Amazon – even the reviews on there were really good! Let’s just say, I can now understand why everyone was so addicted to this book!

When I started reading the book, I didn’t have any type of expectation for it, I hadn’t even read the blurb. I just went for it and I soon found that I had made the right choice. As soon as I had read the first page I knew that it wouldn’t be the normal type of fairytale love story. There were to be some twists and turns along the way.

It was a little slow at the beginning but that is always because any author of any book has to character building – which is one of the main parts to any story, so it tends to be quiet slow to start and this as no exception with Gone Girl, but that was okay. You never get the juicey bits right at the beginning anyway! I’m just an eager beaver always wanting to get to the most exciting part of the book.

However, the way Gillian Flynn built up all the characters at the beginning was just incredible. It didn’t feel like the original: ‘She had brown eyes and blonde hair’ description of what each person looked like. It just flowed nicely. How Gillian Flynn built up and progressed the two main characters was especially impressive; how she made Amy seem like a scared neglected wife to begin with and Nick Dunne was portrayed as the careless husband, but then she progressively changed their personalities so much – which was interesting to not only read but to experience too.

I would say, that as soon as Amy goes missing, (which isn’t a spoiler because that’s what it says on the blurb) that’s when the book starts to pick up a lot because you are reading from Nick Dunne’s point of view, (her husband) so you literally have no idea what has happened to her and you’re honestly just as clueless as he is. You want to find out more.

It’s exceptionally excellent writing from Gillian Flynn though, because you take on the role of that character, which is what good books should do. You feel how they feel, you relate to them as if they were a real life person. I love that about this book, because that’s how I felt; like I was really connecting with the characters – I felt like I was a part of the story and it was going on in my own life.

As soon as I hit that point in the book, I was honestly addicted to it. As soon as I put the book down after reading about 100 pages in a day, I wanted to pick it back up and start reading it again. I just didn’t want to put the book down. I wanted to know what happened and who was responsible for Amy’s disappearance.

I would never have expected that ending in a million years, I thought that it would be a predictable ending to how the storyline was unraveling. It is the complete opposite to that. I wanted the book to end differently, but I do understand why it ended that way – although I think in reality, that definitely wouldn’t be the ending to that sort of event.

The ending has left me with so many questions now that I want answering. I really do hope Gillian Flynn does another book, just one more that follows everything up. Even if it’s a small book that is a ‘A year later’ so it settles everything and really puts the story to bed.

Overall, it is such a fantastic book. If you want a change from the normal romantic novel that has the predictable storyline and ending, then read this book. You will honestly not be disappointed. It’s gripping, dangerous and exciting!

If you do read this book, it’s so worth the time, effort and the money. You would honestly not waste a single second of your life reading it.

For more information on the author, Gillian Flynn, go to her website here.


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