My Top 10 Pet Peeves: Travelling Around on London Buses!

Living in London nearly all my life, I have had to travel on nearly every bus route there is to get from A to B. As much as I thank Transport For London buses for being there for those who do not have their own vehicle, it doesn’t stop a creation of pet peeves making an appearance, so I thought I would share my own, just because I can! So, here are my top 1o pet peeves:

1. Passengers having loud phone conversations.
When people decide to have a conversation on the bus and they decide to speak really loudly, so everybody can hear. I don’t want to hear your conversation love, regardless of the language you are speaking. Just no. You don’t need to shout your whole conversation to everyone else. We don’t care, just have your conversation quietly please. Thank you.

2. Gormless passengers who are incapable of moving.
When people act really clueless because the driver tells them to move down the bus so other people can get on (this was before the three door access buses) but everyone always make it seem like such a hard task because they all have glum expressions on their faces like they have just been asked to do something impossible. Are you serious right now? JUST MOVE DOWN THE BUS IT’S NOT THAT HARD!

3. Not paying the bus fare like everyone else has to.
When people will walk on the bus, (more now with the buses where you can tap in from the middle and the back, as well as the front) and not pay their fare. Stop being selfish, pay your fare like everyone else has to. If you can’t afford a £1.50 bus trip, walk. You’re not high and mighty, you have to pay the price just like everyone else!

4. People barging past to get off the bus.
When you have a packed bus at a peak time and people are trying to get off the bus but instead of them saying ‘excuse me’ like a polite, normal person, they just shove past like you’re not there. Can you not be rude please? You have a mouth for a reason. If my back is to you, I cannot see out the back of my head, say excuse me, and I’ll move for you.

5. Just wait to get on the bus.
Wait for people to get off the bus before you try and get on yourself. There is a routine, the bus is not going to leave without picking up passengers so there is no harm in you waiting like a good little passenger to let other people off. You will have time to get on, calm yourself down!

6. Leaving your smelly mess on the bus.
I cannot stand it when people buy smelly food which they have eaten on the bus and then you go to take a seat where they were sat and you trip up on the empty chicken box they were too lazy to take with them and put in the bin! Stop being a lazy person and pick up your rubbish and dispose of it properly!

7. Knocking on the bus door.
If you’re running for the bus and it has moved from the bus stop but has had to stop again just away from you because of traffic, don’t then knock on the doors. Don’t get grumpy because the driver doesn’t want to open the doors again for you. It’s too bad, you should have been at the bus stop before the bus got there. Wait for the next one. Maybe next time you will learn your lesson!

8. Not being aware of your germs.
Everyone coughs and sneezes and sometimes when we least expect it, it catches us. It happens, but please cover your mouth and nose with your hand. Don’t spread your germs even further. The rest of the people on the bus do not want to get ill – because the majority will have work to go to and cannot afford days off in bed.

9. Distracting the driver when they are driving.
There is a sign that tells you not to distract the driver while the bus is moving – yet people proceed to do so. By not waiting until the bus is stationary, you are putting the lives of everyone on the bus and on the London roads at risk. Don’t be blantently blind, there is a sign for a reason, please just wait until the bus is stationary at a bus stop before asking a question! I do value my life and I’m sure everyone else on the bus does too.

10. Parents with no common sense in the buggy space.
Buggies! The bane of time wasting when it is needed the least. I don’t understand how some parents are clueless when it comes to making room for another buggy. Just move it to the side so that another parent can squeeze in the space next to you and let the rest of the passengers get on the bus. People are trying to get to work on time, hurry up!

So that’s it! My top 10 pet peeves for travelling on public buses in the city. Knowing me they will probably change or I will think of even more – but for now, these are them. If you have any pet peeves with travelling around on public buses in London, I would absolutely love to know what they are, so leave a comment below so I can read them.

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  1. Yes! Just wait where you are so people can make space on the bus! It makes sense yet people still barge past… why?

    I wrote something similar about commutes into London. check it out at

    Happy Blogging x

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