Kick Me by Sleeping With Sirens | Review

It is probably the most addictive but motivational song I have listened to in a while and it’s a song I won’t be getting bored of any time soon.

Sure, the song doesn’t represent the old Sleeping With Sirens who once wrote the album With Ears to See and Eyes to Hear, but that doesn’t stop this song from being absolutely brilliant. The band really have done well, not only for this song but also for the album, Madness too.

As soon as the song starts and the instrumental begins, it has this sense about it, that anyone can do anything they want. It’s encouraging. Plus, it’s heavy enough where you start to head bang away like nobody is watch you!

The very first set of lyrics, “Let’s hang the jury, you sick judgemental fools, I’ll bury you six feet deep, so tired of your rules!” sets the tone for whole the song. Rebelious and stern. It gives a kick ass attitude which makes their fans want to take on the world and defeat anything or anyone that comes in their way.

Some people tend to act in a judgemental way even though the reasons are unknown. Sleeping With Sirens seem to have specifically done this song to concentrate on those who are being judged by others, in order to get the message across to stand up for themselves. It’s a fantastic message and one which this band has done an fantastic job of portraying that.

The lyrics are perfect to immediately come in with because it drums into the listener that they should be strong and stand for what makes themselves happy and not take any rubbish from any judgey person.

Judgemental people are fools – just like the lyrics state.

“What goes around, comes back around in time!” These set of lyrics really do stand out as motivational because even if others judge you, they will experience karma and they will get a taste of their own medicine. Life is good that way, so sit back and relax because life will get them for you – don’t worry!

Kellin Quinn shouts: “Keep looking down on me, I’ll be more than you’ll ever be! Cut me deep but I won’t bleed, you gotta kick, kick, kick me when I’m down!” and it’s absolutely awesome. It makes their fans think, Yes! you can’t kick me down, no matter how hard you try! It gives their fans the confidence they need to keep going and to know they are better than the people who try to put them down.

“F**K YOU AND YOUR DECISION, BECAUSE IT’S NOT MINE!” is probably one of the best lyrics there is in the song, even though it comes later on in the song, because well, it represents that if someone makes a decision for you, you shouldn’t sit back and let them make it, you should tell them that it’s not their life and they can’t dictate it. It’s literally like a big face to the hand.

Sleeping With Sirens are amazing for sending messages like these to their fans and this is another one of those amazing songs they have created. There are too many people, especially close friends and family, who are judgemental on how things should be done because there is set this mould of how we all should fit into all these perfect bubbles.

More music artists need to jump on the band wagon, regardless of the genre they are in, to send positive messages to fans. Alot of fans look up their favourite musicians and it could help change everyone’s mindset in such an amazing way. Sleeping With Sirens are doing it right!

There is a reason this band is really good no matter how they may change their sound because they always create such meaningful music. Music that can change people’s lives.

The outcome of this song shows just how hard they have really worked on this track. It wasn’t just a short song to get their album completed, they have thought about the way they wanted to not only portray it, but how they wanted to get the message across with their lyrics too. This song may only be just over two minutes long, but it’s obvious just how much effort they have put into this song. All of it has definitely paid off – you keep doing what you do best Sleeping With Sirens! You rock!

If you haven’t listened to their song, then you need to! Now! Click here for the link.


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