My Top 10 Pet Peeves: Trying to get a Job in London.

London is the most populated place in the United Kingdom and therefore means that getting a job is really difficult. While I was on the hunt for a job myself, I definitely came across some things which really bugged me on my journey, so here are my pet peeves:

1. Trial shifts.

It really bothers me that employer’s use trial shifts to determine whether you are right for the job. I understand the concept of it, but the trial shift system is being mistreated. I went on three trial shifts in the months I was applying for jobs and each one gave me a non reason as to why I didn’t get the job. One told me that I was probably more suited to a less busy area, another told me someone else was better on the floor and then the last just said I wasn’t right for the team. It’s ridiculous! Part of me thinks, and I know many would agree, that many companies and employers have no intention of actually giving you the job.

2. No responses.

Now, I know that if there is a lot of people applying for one spot, which there generally is, they will have a tone of applications to get through and they cannot respond to every individual. I personally don’t see that as an excuse to not reply with anything at all. A generic email would have done me well – it is just appreciated so that I’m not sat waiting for a reply I am never going to get.

3. Unorganised Employers.

I don’t know how many people have heard of the Job Today app, but I decided to give it a try on my job hunt, because I thought it would be a good way to bag myself employment (and it turns out the job I have now, I got through that app) as it would give me a slight advantage in comparison to applying the normal way through a generic website form. However, some employers were so bad on there with replying or organising a job interview etc. They would shortlist me (which means they are interested in you) but then would either take a day and an age to reply to me, or just wouldn’t send me a message and I would have to start the conversation to organise an interview. It was so unprofessional and so frustrating when employers wouldn’t be organised.

4. Rejection.

It sucks. Anyone that’s applied for a job, will know how much it sucks. Thinking you have a job you know you’d do really well in and would actually enjoy, but then getting told you haven’t got the job – and it hurts, because you feel worthless. When applying for London jobs, rejection does comes with the package unfortunately and it needs to be something you get used to. You just have to think ‘well it’s their loss’ and keep trying! Always. Prepare. For. Rejection.

5. Lack of experience.

Applying for jobs you know you can do and want to gain experience in, but you don’t get considered because you haven’t got the experience. It’s just a big circle of annoyingness. Unless a qualified job, where you have studied a degree for it and have valid work experience, you shouldn’t need experience to get the job. You should get the job and then should be able to prove yourself in your probation period because I bet they’d get more of the needle in a haystack employee’s who are willing to work hard and do the job properly.

6. Long online applications.

There is nothing worse than going to apply for a job for a specific company and clicking on the right details, to then be greeted with a five page in depth application that needs to be filled out to submit for the job which will take you a good couple of hours. I shouldn’t need to tell you my life story to be considered for the job! Great. Just Great.

7. Online compatibility tests.

There is nothing more annoying than going through the long dull online application that has taken you ages to fill out and send off, to then get another email after the submission confirmation email telling you you must complete a compatibility test to send off too. Like really? This compatibility test does not prove anything, because every situation is different and most of the multiple-choices I am faced with I probably wouldn’t do realistically anyway! It’s so silly.

8. Wasted money on travel to job interviews.

This one is probably the most annoying one on the list. If you’re in the position where you don’t have any income whatsoever, like myself at the time, and you’re surviving on the tiniest bit of money you have left in your bank account, you don’t want to then waste the bit of money you have left on travelling to a job interview to then get rejected – it’s basically burning money. Before you know it, all your money has gone and it’s all on going to pointless interviews. Lovely.

9. Too much competition.

I already touched on this a little bit above, but with London being the most populated place in the United Kingdom, there is way too much competition just for one job role and therefore it means the chances of getting that job is very very slim – which is frustrating more than anything, especially if you know you’re more than capable of doing the job how it needs to be done. All you want to do is show you are right for the job!

10. Job area specified too broad.
As London is such a big place, it’s not effective or employers to just put the city as the location of the job in the description. If I live in North London, I don’t want to apply for the job (as lot of companies seem to be doing this lately) to then find out afterwards, it’s all the way in West, East or South London which I wouldn’t be able to get to efficiently on a regular basis, so would therefore have to decline the offer. If any employers happen to read this – stop doing that please.It doesn’t help the unemployed folk. Thank you!

So there we are! These are my top 10 pet peeves for job hunting in London.If you enjoyed this post, why not give me a follow and a like for more just like this? Also, if you’re from London, why not tell me what annoyed/annoys you about finding a job? I’d love to hear your thoughts!


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  1. I also get annoyed at having to shovel out cash to travel to a job they dont even bother replying to let me know the outcome of my interview!

    I wrote a piece about my pet peeve when commuting in London. Check it out at

    Happy blogging x


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