GOSH Cosmetics: X-Ceptional Wear Foundation | Review

Having only recently started to explore foundations as I never used to wear them before (or understand them) I have been trying to find out which brands aren’t tested on animals, are good quality and aren’t too pricey either.

Until I did some searching around the different brands that were sold in UK drugstores, I hadn’t come across GOSH Cosmetics before. However, they are a make up company that is sold in Superdrug.

I wanted to see if they were any good as a cruelty free make up company – so I decided to buy the GOSH X-Ceptional Wear Foundation, at the price of £7.99 and try it out to see if I liked it.

The GOSH Cosmetics Foundation.

There is 35ml of product in the tube or 1.2 fl.oz for those in the US. Which isn’t too bad for the price of it.

It is a liquid foundation with a squeezy top which is good for me because I can control how much I use at one time and I won’t waste an excessive amount each time I want to wear make up.

Before I apply any make up I always make sure to put a moisturiser on in order to soften the skin and help the product to blend better.

The moisturiser I use is called Original Astral, which is specifically for the face and body – so everywhere, basically. It was super duper cheap too. It only cost me 90p from Sainsbury’s!

The colour of this foundation is near identical to my skin colour, so makes it super easy to apply where I don’t need to worry about any foundation lines – it’s so perfect for me.

The foundation matches so closely to my hand and it isn’t even blended in.

The foundation shade is called 11 Porcelain, which shows just how pale I really am. I am so pale because I am ginger – let’s just get over that fact.

The way this foundation applies is amazing. I am not one for heavy foundations because I don’t have too many blemishes that I want or need covering, so the fact that this is light coverage is also perfect for me.

If you’re the same as me in terms of coverage, then you’d love this foundation too. It is also quiet buildable without being cakey so you can apply a little bit at a time to cover the places you need.

I prefer foundations that even out my skin tone and get rid of the redness I get on my cheeks a lot, which this covers so nicely.

Left: Before the foundation. Right: Foundation applied.

As you can see from the photo above, the foundation covers where necessary. It lightly covers the spots I have near my nose area, but it’s still natural enough where you can see still stslightly see the spots – so it’s not majorly obvious that I am actually wearing foundation and I love that.

As I have sensitive skin, I pretty much react to any chemical that doesn’t agree with me, so it was fabulous that this foundation doesn’t cause any reaction or break out.

I have really dry skin too and this foundation, if used in small dots around my skin and not flooded out in big doses, really does work well – even if there are a few flakey bits of skin that are hard to cover up.

When the rest of the make up is applied, it looks really natural and lovely. For the price of it, it really isn’t that bad of a foundation and I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a drugstore make up brand that is cruelty free. So what are you waiting for? Go and buy it!

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