Age of Ignorance by Our Last Night | Review

This song is awesome. That’s all there is to it. Go and listen to it; now.

The lyrics are full of so much truth and speaks insane volumes to their fans and listeners. They are another awesome band, like Sleeping With Sirens, who use their music for good – they send the right messages to those who can relate.

They have named this song and their album Age of Ignorance because it represents the world today; that we live in a world that is full of ignorance andpassive blindness to the issues going on.

The song just shows that this world has so many issues that are all put to the back of our minds, in an age of ignorance.

Matt Wentworth sings the lyrics: “They could cure this cancer in the simplest ways, but the longer we’re sick, the more the doctor gets paid.”

And they couldn’t be more truthful.

Before people start to assume I mean that there is a cure for cancer that isn’t being given to patients, I mean in the sense that the longer we are sick, regardless of the illness, it means the more doctors/nurses etc will get paid.

It does make me wonder though… Is this really the world we live in? Where the sick are not helped because people want more money?

Trevor Wentworth also sings: “It’s time to stand up, get ready to fight. For all the things that should be right!”

Such powerful lyrics these are. We need to fight for the right things in the world, because if we don’t, no one else will.

This song is fantastic; from the backing track to the lyrics to the instrumental parts. The way everything comes together perfectly shows just how much they care about the music they are producing and how much work they put into making it sound amazing!

I absolutely love this track because although the song is about important issues, the song has a catchy instrumental, which is another part of the reason why I value it so much.

It makes sense why they have done a catchy instrumental to the lyrics because they want everyone to eventually understand what they are saying; they want their messages understood.

The way they have used this song to send such strong messages, shows that they care less about the money and more about making good valued music for everyone.

This song really makes me think about the issues within this world that are a lot bigger then they are made out to be and they need to be thought about – which is the whole point of the song; so it does it’s job. Well done Our Last Night!

Every issue they have raised is something which needs to be thought about. It is such a shame that most of world lives in an “Age of Ignorance.” I hope one day that can be changed.

To listen to the track, follow the link here.


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