Better Off Dead by Sleeping With Sirens | Review

It’s SO so meaningful in many different ways… and that’s what makes this song outstanding!

If you don’t understand the song from the title, then let me explain. It’s about someone who feels alone and depressed. Someone who can’t cope with the feelings they have, so they keep them locked inside.

The song, really pinpoints depression and the extent of how bad it can get, to the point of suicide.

The reason the band decided to write, create and publish this song is simple. To create awareness and to make their fans and listeners feel like they are not alone, that they are not as helpless as they feel and they have someone to talk to.

That’s why this song and this band are incredible.

The very first set of lyrics Kellin Quinn sings is: “She said she wants to end it all, when she’s all alone in her room, she crys. The way she feels inside, is too much for her.”

And they are an absolute summary of the song; of the message the band wants to portray to their fans and new listeners. That depression and suicidal thoughts are a very real thing amoungst us.

Focusing solely on the instrumental, it’s easy on the ears and goes completely with the new sound of Sleeping With Sirens, it also fits fantastically with the theme of the song too.

Even though it’s catchy and upbeat in a sense, it still connects with the lyrics and makes the song all that more powerful.

The chorus, again sung by Kellin Quinn, is exceptional: “Maybe I’m better off dead? If I was, would it finally be enough. To shut out all those voices in my head? Maybe I’m better off dead? Better off dead! Did you hear a word, hear a word I said? This is not where I belong, you gonna miss me when I’m gone.”

It confirms everything that you thought the song was about, but properly. As a listener, you fully understand the lyrics and the meaning behind it.

That some people feel as if they are alone and cannot talk to anyone about their feelings. They feel depressed, alone and completely and utterly helpless.

I don’t know about you, but it really makes me think about how I treat the people around me and how they feel. All of my friends and family should know that they don’t need to sit in silence, they have a shoulder to cry on within me, always.

Every life is valueable and deserves to be heard.

I love this song, regardless of the catchy instrumental, because the lyrics are meaningful, they’re unique – as I have never heard lyrics quiet like these before.

It isn’t just a song to make money, it’s a song that was meant to help others, it was meant to communicate with their fans.

The effort that Sleeping With Sirens have put into this song and this album is truly inspirational and amazing. Any listener will be able to tell that they have really thought in depth their music to make it truly incredible.

Well done Sleeping With Sirens, you have made another truly outstanding piece of music and on behalf of your listeners, we thank you for that!

To listen to the song, click on the link here. You know you want to listen to it now!



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