Friends With Benefits by KSI & MNDM | Review

This is one of the best songs KSI songs to date.

It isn’t a song that is meant to be too serious, as most of his viewers from YouTube won’t actually understand the term, ‘Friends With Benefits’… unless they Google it of course.

The whole tune, from the lyrics to the backing track is very very simple. There aren’t any over complicated lyrics or hidden messages that we need to look out for, what you see, is literally what you get.

It starts straight away with a track that is unique, but catchy.

KSI raps: “Way too young for the ring ting, now you know you want to dance on the kingpin, sixty-eight plus one that’s a win-win, it’s time to slide in like a penguin.”

Apart from those lyrics being a little bit like jibberish to many older people who may come across the song, they do make some sort of sense, so let me break it down for you into one simple sentence.

He is way too young to be getting married or engaged, he isn’t thinking about any type of commitment, he literally just wants to try and have fun with another girl.

That is the break down of not just those lyrics, but the entire song… so let’s move on.

The backing track is catchy and is what attracts the majority of his viewers – and that includes myself.

It’s obvious that KSI hasn’t gone for just a generic ‘rap’ backing track just to make the song. He has purposefully gone for probably the most upbeat, dance track you can find… and it works. It works really well.

Every single time, from start to finish, I am dancing and singing along with the song. I literally can’t help myself… it’s just an automatic reaction now.

However, he wouldn’t have made such a successful song if all there was, was just the backing track, let’s be realistic.

The lyrics have a part to play and they make the song what it is, which is actually quiet good.

The chorus is probably the best part of the song.

“Let’s be friends with benefits. We can chill and Netflix. No strings like Hendrix. Let’s pimp, like Kendrick.”

The chorus is always the part that people remember most and this is definitely the case here. It is just really catchy!

The good thing about these lyrics is that the lyrics are insanely easy to remember to sing along to for the younger audience, those who are 16+ because they actually understand what jibberish KSI is singing – but that’s the point.

The more addicted you get to a song, the more likely you are to go back and listen to it. That’s what KSI has done; and he has done it really well!

KSI has done other songs, one of which is Lamborghini and was one of his first released songs on YouTube. Comparing both, you can tell his music talent has improved massively.

Even though the subject of the song may not be totally appropriate for his younger audience, it doesn’t stop it from being his best track yet and I think everyone should at least give it a listen… even if it is only once.

Hopefully he’ll release some more original tunes soon that are just as good as this one.

To listen to the song, click here.

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