MUA Velvet Luxe Lip Lacquer | First Impression

I have been wanting to get my hands on some Matte liquid lipsticks for a while now as they are really popular on the beauty scene and I was intrigued to find out whether I would like them or not. So, I finally went out to Superdrug and got myself some MUA Luxe Velvet Lip Lacquer’s to try out.

I am a very very fussy person when it comes to putting any type of product on my lips. I absolutely hate lip glosses because they’re just too gooey and I rarely wear the normal fashioned lipsticks because they just don’t feel great on my lips.

I thought matte lipsticks might be something I could get on board with as they dry onto the lips where others don’t. My perfect lip product would be one that was applied and then I couldn’t feel on; as if nothing was ever put on them.

The three shades I decided to purchase, were Dash, Reckless and Tranquility. All were £3 each, but they had an offer on ‘3 for 2’ so technically I got them for £2 each. Absolute bargain!

I wanted to give them a try and see how they suited me and give my first impressions on all three shades.

Let’s talk about Dash first.

It is such a pretty and subtle but sophisticated colour and it is one of the reasons why I chose to buy it.

You could wear this colour with pretty much anything. Whether you were going to a formal dinner or just going with a friend to the cinema, it is a shade for every occasion.


The undertones of brown and red really make this colour perfect. It’s not over pigmented, but it’s pigmented enough that you still get a good colour and you can always layer it easily without it becoming clumpy.

The colour is really nice, it’s so sophisticated and looks lovely on pale skin like mine. The liquid lip dries nicely, but dries a little bit too much. When it had completely dried though, it felt really smooth and comfortable on my lips.

I am a newbie to the liquid lipstick scene, so it took me a while to apply it on my lips without going around the edges, but I eventually got there and it wasn’t hard to correct my mistakes either – which was a plus!

As you can see from the picture below, you can see that on the lips the colour is very nice and compliments my skin tone really wel, but with another layer it could have been a more solid shade as it is a little patchy. At the time of this photography I didn’t realise that.


Next is the natural toned colour I decided to go for, Tranquility.

I have wanted a nude matte lipstick for a while now because they are so nice and neutral. I decided I would definitely be grabbing a nude colour. They had so many different shades which were all quiet similar, I didn’t know what one to go for.

I decided on this one because it’s not too light of a nude shade, but it’s not too dark either. It is just perfect. I am in love with this shade because it really is subtle and a colour that can be suited to anything. Nude shades like these are perfect because they give off the obvious fact that you may or may not be wearing a lipstick as it’s close to the orginal lip colour.


I really like this shade because this it is very buildable, so if you wanted the same shade as the packaging, you can have that with one layer, but if you wanted it a little darker, you can build that up too by adding another on top.

This shade is definitely one that is more casual and that’s why I chose this shade and what I love most about it.


The last colour I picked, is called Reckless.

It is a lovely red shade, and the one that caught my eye first. I just love a red lip because it looks really nice with my skin tone and my ginger hair so I knew I had to pick up this colour.


This is probably my favourite for the final outcome of the application. It doesn’t feel as drying as the other two, and it actually does feel relatively smooth, as it states from MUA.

The shade is really bright and vibrant, that definitely is for a bold statement. Red seems to suit everything and even though it’s bright and ‘in your face’ it really is also quiet sophisticated if paired with the right look.

Like before, it took me a while to get this on my lips, because I kept going over my lip line (and not in the good way) so I had to keep perfecting it. It was easy to do so though because even when it dried, it didn’t take ages to rub off the excess product.

This colour seemed to be the only one out of the three that applied better than the other two. It is really pigmented, so you really don’t need a lot of product to cover the lips properly and to get a bold, popping colour.


From first impressions, these aren’t too bad for the price, on offer or not – they are definitely a good value for money. They don’t come across as too cheap when applied either. However, tthe lipstick is that it’s a little too drying but with a lip balm to moisturise the lips beforehand, that easily fixes the problem.

If you are a newbie to liquid lipsticks like I am, then MUA Luxe Lip Liquers are a good way to go – for sure.

I am definitely going to be picking up more of the shades available at a later date!

So what are you waiting for? Get yourselves to Superdrug and pick out your favourite colours! Why not tell me what you think of them?


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  1. These look amazing, defo going to Superdrug to pick a few of these up! X

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They are! I didn’t have high expectations, but as I hadn’t had any before, I wanted to try some that wouldn’t break the bank; and they are alot better than you’d think for the price. Defo go and grab some, they have some really good colours too!


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