My Nose Piercing: The Experience & The Healing Process!

I have wanted this piercing for what feels like absolutely ages!

It was so long that I honestly had a lot of time to think about whether I should get it or not – because there were a lot of aspects to consider.

I soon realised that regardless of whether I had my nose pierced, I would still find a job and I could still get my dream job – because it’ll be fully healed by then and other working establishments seem to be more accepting of them now anyway!

So, on the 29th October, just under three years ago since I got my rook piercing done – I decided to head to Nemesis Tattoo & Body Piercing Studio in Camden, London to get my nose professionally pierced.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: I cannot stress enough to go to a piercer who is experienced and knows exactly what they are doing. Don’t just let anyone do it; this is your face we are talking about – you don’t want someone to ruin it because you couldn’t be bothered to pay to go to a professional piercer. Also, a piercing is to ALWAYS be done with a needle – don’t let a gun anywhere near you!

I did a fair bit of research before I settled on my choice of piercer. I looked at the area I wanted to go to, and looked at numerous websites, reviews and photos, before deciding.

For most tattoo/piercing shops, you don’t need an appointment to get the piercing, you can literally walk in and ask to get pierced. On arrival, I got to the

Depending on the shop will depend on price, so just because mine cost £15 doesn’t mean yours will (unless you go to the same shop… obviously)

There was a little bit of a wait because there were people in front of me, but it wasn’t too long – at most it was 5 minutes.

I was sent down to the room where they pierce all their customers, I saw Zolika take out fresh equipment from new packaging and then I picked the colour of the jewrly I wanted.

There are a good selection of colour choices for the stud, I would have gone for Purple (as that’s my favourite colour) but I was thinking rationally about work and what would look more respectable and in some ways unnoticeable – so I went for a White stud instead.


Like every piercing regardless of where on the body you get it, they need to know where you want it to be go, so he marked a place and then showed me and asked if I liked it. I didn’t and asked if he could move it back a bit, so he did and then it was perfect and we were good to go.

I was told to relax and before I had a moment to think about everything, the needle was being pushed through and the jewerly inserted before I could count to 60.

It honestly didn’t hurt as much as I thought it would. My eyes watered (but I didn’t have any falling tears) like it should do, and it only stung loads instead of an intense pain.

The healing process:
The same day, I went home and I cleaned my piercing in a warm salt water solution – which I have used for ALL my piercings.

I was given a leaflet that told me how long roughly my piercing would take to heal, which was 2/3 months.

I noticed in the first week or two, my nose remained quiet swollen and the stud always seemed to be sinking in – so I kept cleaning it, twice to three times a day and not touching it much, only to push it out a little.

I was also noticing some crusting around the jewerly aswell when I would wake up in the mornings (& afternoons) and sometimes a little while after cleaning it in the middle of the day too.

I was concerned because normally with my other piercings, I tend to get given a bigger piece of jewerly so the swelling doesn’t swallow it.

I messaged Nemesis on Facebook and told them the troubles I was having, and they explained that it is perfectly normal and to keep doing salt water soluations and to push the jewerly out every now and again with clean hands.

I looked online, as silly as it may sound, to see if I was cleaning it wrong and I found there are salt water solution soaks which should be done, where you literally put the piercing in the water.

So, the next clean I did, I stuck my nose in the cup of salt water (when it had cooled down of course!) and waited for 5-7 minutes. Then I did what I normally would do, I used a cotton bud (or q-tip) to clean around the front and the back to get any crusting off, and then I used kitchen roll to soak it a little further.

The swelling went down very quickly after that and about a month into the healing process, it started to look like a proper nose piercing!

The process was relatively easy and stress free for me and now after three months, my nose is fully healed and looking fabulous!

However, if there is one thing I have learned through the healing process, is to not snag the stud on anything while cleaning my face, because if it gets knocked by accident, it gives a right kick in the face feeling!


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