Graduation Dinner at Jamie’s Italian | Review

As a late celebration dinner for passing my Journalism degree in the Summer of 2016, my parents promised a trip to a restaurant of my choice and as I have never been to Jamie’s Italian before, so I was eager to go.

I booked a table for 8:30pm at the Covent Garden branch and arriving at 8:00pm we all realised we left too early – but it wasn’t an issue as we were able to be seated anyway.

Once sat down, I grabbed the cocktail menu and had a look at what cocktails I fancied. As I have heard friends rave about the Espresso Martini, I went with one of them.


It was nice and the staff who made it did a fabulous job, but personally it definitely wasn’t one of my favourites. I know if I ever take a trip there again, I would rather go with something else. The cocktail cost £7.95.

We ordered our food after our drinks were delivered and before I had time to play a round of Subway Surfers, I was greeted by my starters – Yes, that is meant to be plural.

I decided to have the Mushroom Fritti, with a Garlic Mayo and then the Ultimate Garlic Bread.


I really really enjoyed both! They were so tasty. The mushrooms were devine and with the breadcrumbs around it, it made it even better! The garlic mayo really did add that extra touch too.It was the perfect starter. That was priced at £5.50.

Prior to ordering the garlic bread, I could smell a delicious smell of garlic and instantly I craved it.

The bread was mouthwateringly soft on the inside and there was plenty of garlic in the middle – it did not disappoint. This was priced at £3.75.

I got through the starters pretty quickly because I was incredibly hungry as I hadn’t really eaten anything substantial all day, but this meant that there was a nice space before my main meal came – so I had time to digest it so I was able to fully enjoy the rest.

It was really efficient service from the waiters and the chefs. We didn’t wait more than 15 minutes and our mains were being presented in front of us.


This probably doesn’t look too appetizing, but it was delicious! It was a Spinach & Ricotta Crespelle – which means, filled buckwheat pancakes baked with smoked mozzarella, sweet leeks, cime di rapa & tomato sauce.

I saw the pancakes on the menu and thought I’d go with something different and as I have been a Vegetarian for a little over 8 months (at the point of the publication of this blog) and I wanted to try things I haven’t tried before – like the sweet leeks.

I didn’t have any expectations for it, but it was really yummy and I would definitely eat it again!


I saw on the menu there was an option for spicy fries and as I have been adding a bit of spice to my diet I decided to try them. As my main was really filling, I didn’t get through all of them, but they were so good!

They had enough crunch on the outside and the potato was soft on the inside – They were perfect. The spice also gave a good kick but wasn’t incredibly spicy where it would burn your tongue off. They were priced at £3.90.

Even though I was full at this point, I wasn’t full enough to turn down dessert. So I browsed the menu and within seconds, I knew what I wanted. The Epic Chocolate Brownie.


I understand why they have given this dessert that name. It was probably the best brownie I have ever tried in my life so far. It was utterly mouthwatering!

It was beautifully warm and soft on the inside and had the nice crispy coating on the outside. That topped with the incredible Salted Caramel Ice Cream is was just perfect. I didn’t try the popcorn, but I imagine it would have been just as good.

The ice cream was so thick and full of flavour, I could have honestly eaten a whole tub of it! This dessert was priced at £5.75.

Overall, it was a fabulous trip to Jamie’s Italian and the food was exceptional and the staff in this particular branch were excellent! I will definitely be back when I want a good fix of Italian goodness. I totally recommend this branch or any that you can get to.

It is reasonably priced I think and the food is outstanding – you’d be a fool not to try this place out!


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