Headspace by Issues | Album Review

Issues are back at it again with their own fantastic style of R&B/Metalcore music and it definitely doesn’t dissappoint!

It has been a while since their last album, Issues (self titled) was released in 2014, but now it’s understandable why so much time has passed before the new album came to our ears!

Anyone who knows good music and listens to the same genre, knows just how much effort, dedication and time has been put in to this album.

Each and every song the band have created for this album is so full of power and emotion.

It’s obvious to someone who has been a fan right from the start of this bands journey that their sound, does sound slightly different with certain songs… which means they have had to work even harder to make this album as great as possible.

‘Lost-n-Found’ is very much their old style. Heavy metalcore. Majority screaming. Fast with the chorus lead by Tyler’s smooth vocals.

Right from the beginning of ‘Blue Wall’ it’s obvious this song sounds more like their songs from their EP, Black Diamonds. The instrumental they created is their heaviest in the new album and will definitely take fans back to their beloved Issues if they aren’t a fan of the newer styles.

This album really does have something for everyone though, with ‘Yung & Dum’ having a more softer instrumental and more involvement from Tyler Carters soft soothing vocals.

The top three songs in the album have to be ‘Coma’, ‘The Realest’ and ‘Made to Last’.

All are just so upbeat, full of energy and have the most catchy rythms with the lyrics – but that isn’t to say the rest aren’t good, because they are!

‘Coma’ is one of their softer songs in the albums, from the instrumental to the screaming. It is one of those songs which could appeal to a new audience – which is definitely a part of their new sound.

Michael Bhon has taken upon a slightly different role within the song, ‘The Realest’. Instead of screaming with every chance he gets, he has taken on an attempt to sing, which for the first time, isn’t the worst thing in the world and he does keep his main role to, by throwing a bit of screaming in the song too!

On a slightly heavier and quirker note, ‘Made to Last’ is one from the album which is definitely a part of their new sound; with more of a choppy-like instrumental and Tyler taking the lead with his magnificent vocals once again.

Each and every song is full of effort and hard work from each member of the band, which is why the album seems to have gone down well with their fans.

The album consists of 13 songs and each are different from one another but all just as good and worthy of a listen!

To buy the album on iTunes, then you can by clicking here. I would advise any newbies reading this, prehaps for new music to listen to, to download this as soon as possible!




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