Drown by Bring Me The Horizon | Review

It is without a doubt a song that Bring Me The Horizon have never done before!

Bring Me The Horizon’s previous tracks have always been on the heavier side and definitely suited to a set audience.

However, listening to the first 20 seconds of the song, if you’re a fan of Bring Me The Horizon, you’ll see that it is very much apart from the original songs they used to release.

When they first hit the music scene in 2004, they were very much the rock boy band who wanted to go hard or go home!

They thrashed into the metalcore genre and were very much a hardcore heavy band – full of screaming, heavy instrumental and full-on craziness.

This is what makes Drown, their song released in 2015, so different and it came as a shock to everyone who knew the band right from the beginning.

Bring Me The Horizon, decided to go down a different route and change things up – going for a more subtle and toned down music style!

The positive to this new sound change and this song, is that BMTH will be getting a varied audience, as opposed to prehaps the minimal set audience they had when they were pure metal core when they first started.

This song may not be anything like Chelsea Smile or It Never Ends but you can definitely tell Bring Me The Horizon are still there with the instrumental and the lyrics.

The lyrical message is incredible and tells everything that needs to be told. Bring Me The Horizon haved moved on… to a new sound!

This was a way for the band to not only tell their dedicated fans that they are not what they once were, but that they needed their fans help to understand their decision.

Most bands change their sound, just because they want to try something different, but Bring Me The Horizon changed because of health issues – and this is what they wanted their fans to understand with this song.

Oli Sykes couldn’t scream as he did 11 years ago (prior to this song) and meant they needed to limit the amount he did.

Regardless though of why they changed, this song, from the instrumental to the lyrics, is a damn catchy tune!

Even though the lyrics are focusing on a certain aspect for the band, they are still relatable to anyone’s lives and that is pretty epic too! The best song, I think, are those that can be relateable to their audience.

I reckon, that even the people who would have originally hated such a band, would quiet enjoy, if not love, this song that they have made.

I personally, think this song is really good and it’s even better considering it was the very first song they made from changing their style.

We all know that it would have taken a lot of courage and bravery for the band to release this song and wait for the feedback from the music media industry and their fans, but even now, where two years have gone by, the song is still just as good and they are still doing so well.

If you haven’t heard of this band before, then you need to and search them on the interwebs and listen to their tracks – past and present!

If you’re yet to listen to their song Drown, then go and do so; click here!


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