Gourmet Burger Kitchen | Food Review

I have wanted to try different restuarants that I haven’t been to before, so when I saw Gourmet Burger Kitchen, I knew it was time to try it out!

I know what you’re thinking; why have I never tried Gourmet Burger Kitchen before!? and I honestly don’t know… Sorry!

Anyway, we – that being me and my partner, waited to be seated and was asked by the lovely staff member if we had been to GBK before where I said no and he kindly explained what we had to do.

We both glanced at the menu for ages, which is double-sided. What I loved about this menu was that it had more than one standard veggie option – which I thought was awesome, because I never see that many for vegetarians. There were four options and all looked delicious.

Both of our eyes lit up when we saw they offered a refillable drink – so we both got the same one; Strawberry and Elderflower fizz!
It tasted really nice to begin with, really flavourful and refreshing but then as the ice melted into it and we got closer to the end, it turned a bit watery and not very nice… but we then got a refill and everything was fine again!

I was so hungry as I hadn’t really eaten anything substantial up until then, so I wanted to get something before my main meal. I went with the halloumi bites.
It came with the weird coloured, smelling sauce next to it – and I decided not to touch it and I just ate them on their own! They were still just as yummy; I just love halloumi so much!

I could have eaten them all day…

Anyway, out of the four options I had to choose from from the burgers, I went with the one called Johnny Be Goat – which was the only one that didn’t involve a veggie patty of some kind, so I was eager to try it!

I added extra cheese just because I was worried their wouldn’t be enough in the burger… Oh how I was wrong!

It arrived really quickly after having my halloumi bites to start – which was really impressive.
I was a bit sceptical about how fast the food came out after my starter; but I shouldn’t have as it was incredible!

I didn’t realise just how skinny the skinny fries were going to be, but even though they look tiny, they were actually rather filling and super yummy.

The only downside to them, was that you couldn’t just take one, you had to take a whole bunch – but that was fine by me!

The burger was SO nice – nothing like I expected to be and all the flavours just complimented each other so nicely. My partner even had a bite and said it was really nice too.

The one most important thing I noticed when it comes to the burgers is that the buns did not break and disappear as you bit into it and the food inside didn’t buge even a tiny bit either – It was such a good quality burger and it was just perfect!

We went to the one in Westfield Stratford, but there are plenty in the United Kingdom, so if you haven’t been to GBK before, then you need to go!

If you haven’t seen the menu before, you can view it here.

If you have been to GBK, I’d love to know your thoughts and what you ordered – let me know in the comments?


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