Sleek Matte Me Smooth Lip Cream | First Impression

I thought it was time to step it up a bit with the first impressions on drugstore liquid lipsticks, so I decided to have a crack at Sleek’s Matte Me Lip Creams instead!

Each tube costs £4.99, so it’s only a little more expensive compared to the MUA ones I have written about before.

If you want to check out my two blogs giving my first impressions on the MUA lip lacquer’s, then click here and here!

Anyway, back to the point of this blog post…

I got three colours, that are very much in my comfort zone, but I thought considering that I am trying a new brand, that for now, it was the safest option.

Let’s start with the shade Bittersweet!


As you can see from the photo, it is a pink nude shade and one that I have never tried before and have been wanting to try.

I love this colour because although it’s still a nude, it’s a different type, as it is more of a pinky nude instead of a brown nude, and normally I’m not a fan of pink, because it’s far too girly, but I thought I’d give it a try!

When I applied the swatch to my arm, there was already loads of product attached to the brush, so I didn’t need to redunk it into the tube and I noticed that it glided on really nicely too!


I made sure this time, I used a lip scrub before I applied the colour, to get the very best impression of the colour and the application.

I actually LOVE this colour so much – it is weirdly oddly similar to my lip colour, just a little lighter.

It was so so easy to apply and I only needed the product that came out on the brush the first time to cover my lips properly.

When it dried on my lips it was literally as if nothing was there and it felt really lightweight.

It was really easy to take off my lips too, it didn’t take loads of scrubbing of my make up wipes to get it completely off.

I just love a dark red colour.. and Old Hollywood was the second colour I chose.


I am an ultimate lover of dark red shades because I think they look incredible next to my ridiculously pale skin – at least it’s good for something right?

When I saw this shade, I literally didn’t even think twice about buying it.

Again, like with Bittersweet, the colour went on really well onto my arm with the applicator brush, but I did need to dunk the brush again to get a bit more product.

It dried quite quickly on my arm compared to the MUA lip lacquers.


I found this colour really really difficult to apply, and not just because it’s a dark colour. It was mainly because it was hard trying to stop it from being patchy.

I had to keep applying colour where it was patchy – in real life, this didn’t look too bad as you can see above.

Regarding actually getting the shade on my lips without going onto the outside of my lips, it was easier than it has ever been for a dark colour.

The brush was soft on my lips, but I did need to redunk my brush into the product about 3 times, whereas on the others I didn’t have to do that – the original amount on the brush was fine for them both.

The product did feel good on my lips once dried and didn’t suck out all the moisture from them in order to dry matte.

I would happily wear this colour out on special occasions, but if I was eating, I would definitely take the product with me and some make up wipes incase of any smudging or anything.

Finally, the Velvet Slipper


This is more of a purpley plum colour, (even though the picture doesn’t really pick it up that much, but I really liked it when I saw it on the shelf. Granted, there wasn’t much other choice to chose from, but I really thought this colour would look good on me, just like Old Hollywood.

Like the others, it felt really soft applying from the brush and a lot of product came off the first time it came out the tube.

I was a little bit hesitant buying this colour because although I have a similar colour from MUA, I still feel like it’s quiet an out there colour for me.


Once I had put this colour on, I actually fell in love so much! In honestly, if I was doing a simplistic eye look, then I would wear this more than the red one above.

It is such a nice colour and it goes on SO so easily – easier than I thought it woud go on. It literally took me about 30 seconds and I love that so much because there is nothing worse than having to fiddle about getting it to look perfect!

It didn’t go patchy or anything while applying, so it shows the formula is a bit better than the red (comparing both the dark colours together)

Overall, the colours I got, I do really like and I can’t wait to wear them more in day to day life.

If you want ones that are a little more pricey but won’t completely break the bank, then these are the best for you.

At only £4.99 you really can’t go wrong!


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