Dinner Date at Bill’s Restaurant |Food Review

I have heard and seen Bill’s restaurants around London before but never actually been there. I thought as I was going on a double date, why not suggest it to everyone and see if they’d be up for it, and they were, so I thought I’d blog about my experience!

First up, the lovely waitress sat us at our seats and gave us our menu’s to have a browse through. A new waitress came and took our drinks order about 5 minutes later and she was really lovely. We all went for Bill’s Pink Lemonade, which was priced at £3.55 each.
It came in a normal glass, with the original bottle and it was really tastey and refreshing. I feel like the freshly cut strawberries really did give it that extra subtle taste to it too!

Another 5-10 minutes later, she came back and took our food order.

I went with two things to start – just because I didn’t want just halloumi twice on it’s own and because I was a tiny bit greedy!

I went with the Crumbed Halloumi Sticks, which was £5.60 each and the Spiced Tortillas, which was £3.95 each.
I found the Halloumi Sticks, which come with a Lemon Garlic Mayo really lovely – however, quiet small for the price of them. If there were a few more in the bowl, then for me it would have been better.

The sauce too, was really nice and really complimented the Halloumi Sticks well.

Next was the Spiced Tortilla’s… obviously.
I loved this! Even though it isn’t really a starter and more an appetiser to share for the table – oh well; it was really tasted. It wasn’t really ‘spiced’ unless you dipped it the salsa, but regardless, the tortilla’s were really fluffy but crispy at the same time and the sauces were really creamy and full of the right tastes – not to mention that the guacamole was freshly made, which was a plus for me!

Moving onto the main meal, I wasn’t really feeling the other vegetarian options (but there is always next time), so I decided to grab myself the Halloumi and Hummus Broche Bun and it was SO GOOD! This meal was £10.75.
It came presented on the plate like this, which I thought was really odd as the others had their burgers come normally, but I figured it was because I had the sweet chilli and Guacamole (which I swapped from the Cumin Yogurt) to put in first anyway – so if that was the reason, it was a pretty smart idea.

I found the whole meal really tasty! There was so many flavours that I normally wouldn’t put together, but they all complimented each other really well and was just so so scrummy!

It doesn’t seem like a lot of food, but it all really did fill me up so much – to the point where I really couldn’t fit any desserts in – but there is always next time!

I would definitely go there again, because not only was the food really good, but the staff there that we encountered were really professional and really lovely – plus there is more veggie options for me to try on the main meal section and I want to try a dessert!

If you haven’t been to a Bill’s, then you need to go there as soon as possible.

To view their website, for the full menu’s then click here.

If you have visited a Bill’s restaurant before, than please let me know where you went and what you thought, I’d love to know your experience!


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