Does This Actually Work!? – Boots Teatree & Witch Hazel Peel-Off Face Mask!

I have wanted to try out some face masks for a while now, but being new to the whole beauty scene I didn’t know which ones were good, so I decided to buy a few (cruelty-free of course) and try them out and see if they do what it says on the tin!

Obviously, this one is first… so let’s start!

The Teatree & Witch Hazel Peel Off Face Mask is Boots own brand, so I thought I’d give it a try as it claims it’s okay for sensitive skin.

On the back it says that it:

– Grabs dirt and lifts it out of your pores.
– Helps to remove blackheads
– Helps to tighten up pores and prevent future breakouts.

I wanted to put this to the test and also see if it was actually able to peel off as it says it does…

It didn’t instruct on the bottle that I had to wet my face before I put this product on my face, so I went right on in there and started applying the product.

It came out clear, which I wasn’t really expecting as it looks green in the bottle. It also came out quiet gooey as well, but I carried on anyway!

I added the product to my face, as evenly as I could – which was a challenge, I must admit. Then I waited 15 mins and tried to peel it off.

It was alot easier to peel off then I thought it would be and…
… It came off really easily!

Immediately after it was all off, it made my face feel SO smooth – as smooth as a babies bum. It definitely made my face feel very refreshed, brightening and clean.

I wouldn’t say that it got rid of my blackheads on my nose completely, because it definitely isn’t a face mask that is that strong to be able to remove them all in my opinion, but it definitely helped take some of the dirt away.

Also, after using it twice, I have noticed so far… no spots or any mad unnessesary breakouts!

Overall, I would say that for the most part it does what it says and it works, but if you were to take what the bottle says super seriously, then it definitely doesn’t remove blackheads fully like it claims.

If you’re after a face mask that targets the blackheads properly, then this mask isn’t for you, but if you want to have a smoother feeling face, tighter pores and no spots then you should buy this to try out for yourself!

If you want to get your hands on some, then head to Boots or click here to get a bottle for £2.99.


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  1. That’s not bad for £2.99! I love peel off masks because its such easy clean up. My faves are from Lush, who are cruelty free, they have so many for a wide range of skin issues i always treat myself to one after a busy week.

    Great post my lovely! xo

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    1. Aww, I only thought LUSH did like the masks that you wash off. What ones peel off if you dont mind me asking? And thank you! That really means alot 😘 xx


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