My Contraception Story: Why I Stopped Using Them…

A DISCLAIMER: This is just my story on what I went through with contraception and why I decided to stop using it. Obviously everyone is different and everything works differently for everyone. I am no expert, so if you need medical advice, seek it with a professional.

I first went on contraception when I was 18 because I knew I was more than likely going to become sexually active – and as secondary school mandatory classes drill into you about contraception, I just went straight into it, not really fully understanding it all.

I weighed my options up and decided that I’d go with the implant as my first ever method. I thought it was a good choice because I didn’t want to swallow a pill everyday and I didn’t want to have anything inserted anywhere private.

Visiting the nearest sexual health clinic to me at the time, I got advice and asked to have the implant put in place for a next appointment. I was really nervous, but it was a really simple procedure. To have a look at how it’s done, click here.

For me, the implant was a disaster. I was on it for about a year and most of the time, I bled. I was adviced by doctors that this normally settles down after 6 months, but for me it didn’t, so I was given the contraceptive patch to calm it down.

The patch is a non oral version of the contraceptive pill, in simple terms and normally if you’re having trouble with bleeding, they give you the pill to counteract it and to help control it. For more information on the patch, click here.

I had to have the implant taken out after a while, but I had to persuade my doctor that I was certain about it being taken out (as they dont really like you having it out until the 3 years are up) and then eventually I was left just using the patch.

I continued the patch for a further 6 months, then I sadly started getting site rashes where I put the patch on my body, so I had to went to the advice of my doctor at the time and he told me stop using it.

This meant, I needed a new contraception, and as I was still adament I didn’t want to go on the pill, I thought the only other option was to give the injection a try. To find out more about the injection, click here.

I was a little bit hesistant because the injection was meant to be like the implant and as that had gone wrong, I was worried it would do the same thing.

I went ahead anyway and had the first injection – but it definitely became my last. I had exactly the same side effects I had on the implant and decided that I wasn’t going to continue with that method.

That then only left me with the option of the pill. So I took the plunge…

… and a year and a half later, everything was fine with them – almost. Want to know about the pill? Click here.

It was on my last doctors visit that everything really hit home a bit for me. I was told that I was at a high risk on the BMI scale of the endless side effects from the pill I was taking; rigevidon.

It was shortly after getting another prescription of the pills with the promise to my doctor to lose weight that I considered not taking contraception anymore.

My reasonings wasn’t just because I didn’t want to lose weight – because trust me, that has been a plan of mine for a while.

Then… even the pills started to go wrong for me; I started to bleed out of cycle, which was really unusual to me – to the point where I thought something really wrong was going on.

That’s when I knew enough was enough and I was over it.

Contraception seems so innocent on the surface and the more sensible thing to do because you don’t need to wear condoms (if you’re in a long term relationship) and you don’t really need to worry about getting pregnant.

I thought more indepth about everything…

What was I putting into my body everyday for the past three years? What was happening in my body that I was unaware of on the outside? How would it effect me later on in life when I wanted to have children? Taking contraception, although proven that your fertility – etc goes back to normal eventually, didn’t seem worth it for me personally.

So I stopped taking any pills or potions and have decided to keep it old school and so far so good – I mean, there has been some ups and downs going from taking contraception for three years to nothing at all, but I know I have made the right decision for myself.


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