Café Rouge: Mother’s Day Meal | Review

It was Mother’s day in the UK, not too long ago, (26th March) and as a spur of the moment decision, I decided that I wanted to take my mum out for a meal and I thought Café Rouge would be perfect.

We went with my dad and my partner too!

I have been to Café Rouge before, but not since turning vegetarian and not to have a proper meal, just a light lunch.

So, I was a little excited to try out what they had and I wanted to share it all on here for you lovely readers!

I had already looked at the menu, being the greedy monster I am (I have no shame) and my eyes lit up when I saw Camembert in the starters section!

I decided the best one to go to, would be the Café Rouge in Dulwich Village in South London.

I really like the look of Café Rouge restuarants, because they are really cosy and unique, it looks different to what you would usually see for a restuarant.

One of the waiters took us to our table and gave us the three different types of menu’s they had. The Spring Special menu, the drinks menu (which I hadn’t looked at prior) and the main menu.

I took a look at their spring special menu because it was worth a gander, but it didn’t have a nice starter and I was set on the camembert.

The drink I went for was a mocktail and is called the French Garden Fizz and it was really yummy.
I wish there was more of it for the price, but still, it was such a refreshing drink. The ony downside to it, was that I had to keep stiring it to get the flavour back throughout the drink instead of it sitting at the bottom.

We ordered everything at the same time, so actually before the drinks came, we had a little appetiser for the table, of warm bread and butter – and it was amazing!
The bread was so soft and fresh and the warmth to it just made it so much nicer! Felt like it had just come out the oven.

It was a perfect little appetiser to start the dinner off.

As you can probably guess what starter I went for… Breaded Camembert!
Although I have Camembert quiet often, I have never had it breaded before and it was delicious. The Cranberry and Redcurrent sauce added that sweet aspect to the cheese. It complimented it really well. I would definitely have this again if I was to go to Cafe Rough again. This starter cost £6.75.

Next was the main and it was so filling! It was the Crepe Au Four with Frites.
It is a ‘baked crepe filled with portobello and chestnut mushrooms, spinach, shallots, garlic, Emmental cheese and a Mornay & cepe sauce’ – according to the menu and it not only did it sounds really nice, but it was, and it was insanely filling, but that may have also been because I had not long had that awesome camembert starter.

The fries, or frites – as they are named on the menu, were really really nice, they reminded me of the peri peri chips that you get in nando’s, just higher quality and much much nicer! They were perfectly crunchy on the outside and nice and soft on the inside, like fries should be. This meal cost £12.25.

I decided not to have dessert as there wasn’t anything I really fancied, and I was insanely full from everything else.

Overall, I really enjoyed the food and the experience at that Cafe Rouge. The waiters were really great and the food was cooked to perfection.

The only downside of Café Rouge would be that for a vegetarian, there is very limited choices, but if you went once in a blue moon, then it wouldn’t be too bad.

If you’re thinking of going there yourself, I would suggest making sure you have plenty of money, as it is a bit pricey – but it’s so worth it!

To view their menu, please click the link here.


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