Jeffree Star/Manny MUA Velour Liquid Lipsticks | HONEST Review

I don’t know about any of you guys out there, but I was really… and I mean really excited when Manny MUA and Jeffree Star announced their collab together.

As you will be able to tell soon, I am a new but massive Jeffree Star and Jeffree Star Cosmetics fan, I think his liquid lips are amazing quality, so the fact they were both working on some to bring out together, I was over the moon!

I was even more excited when I saw the colours when Jeffree and Manny posted the reveal on YouTube – watch that here if you’re interested.

There are two liquid velour lipsticks in the collaboration (and there is a highlighter, but I decided against buying it for my own reasons) and they’re called Daddy and I’m Shook and they both sell for ÂŁ16 each in the UK.

But before we talk about the shades, can we just take a minute to appreciate how stunning the packaging is!
The Holographic Black and Manny and Jeffree’s icons combined together, just make the packaging looks outstanding. It is so so pretty!

It is definitely different from Jeffree’s outstanding barbie pink packaging that he usually uses – but I think that is what makes me different. It feels like a completely different vibe because the packaging isn’t just the same ones Jeffree uses. You can tell that it has been planned and thought out thoroughly.

I really really love the holographic packaging though because it makes the product look that even bit more expensive too. The boys did good!

So… Let’s talk about Daddy.
Daddy is a Brown Nude that the pair have come up with and I absolutely love it. Who doesn’t love a good nude shade? It is the everyday shade that goes with anything. You want to just have a subtle make up look, go with Daddy. You want a bold eyeshadow, go with Daddy. It’s there for every occasion.

The formula of this shade is a little bit thin, but it still quite opaque and you do get a full coverage of the products on the lips with two dunks into the product.
I will not lie to any of you: I was totally feeling this shade once it had fully dried. It is simply amazing! I am fully living for this shade.

It was actually really easy to put onto the lips without going over the lipline (as I am not about that overlining life), and most of you should know by now, through previous posts that if I can find it easy to apply – anyone can!

Now… Let’s talk about the other shade; I’m Shook.
Again, I will not lie to you: I was also feeling myself with this shade on, it’s just a perfect shade of red. It might be a safe choice for the pair, but it’s so lovely!

As you can tell, it is quiet a pale red shade compared to shades Jeffree has released so far, for example, Checkmate or Redrum, but it is really really nice!

The formula is a little better for the red colour I would say, comparing the two. It seems to be slightly thicker in consistancy and I can cover my lips in just the product that comes out the first time on the brush.

I love that they released this red shade, and I can completely understand why they named the shade they did, because when I had this bad boy on, the only expression I could think of was: “Damn, I’m Shook!”
20170520_224716.jpgOne thing I will add is that, in the bottle, it does look so much more paler then when it’s on the lips – it looks a lot more red when it’s dried down, but it still is quiet an innocent safe shade and I love it so much!

I feel like you could honestly have any look with this shade too. Big smokey eye? No worries, just pair it with I’m Shook. Want just a plain eye with just mascara, slap some of I’m shook on and get those lips popping! Oh, you want to do a big bold eye colour, slap on this shade too! It’s really versertile.

In my opinion, the colours are fabulous choices, but I know at lot of people would disagree because they thought they would be more vibrant and they seem to be a safe option – But for me, I love the safe option.

I love that they chose these colours because they are wearable for everyone, not just crazy colours that only some people would wear and it’s why I brought them both, because I knew that I could use them up fully over my lifetime and they wouldn’t become boring. I would be excited to wear it; time and time again.

These lipsticks are amazing and I think everyone who has them can agree on that. The whole collab, you can tell Manny and Jeffree have worked so hard on everything. The shades, the packaging, the names for the lipsticks – it’s all just fabulous!

If you’re from the UK and you want to get your hands on these, then use the Beauty Bay website while they are still available – but be quick because they will go!!

The liquid lipstick collection is available here.


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  1. These look incredible, especially ‘daddy’! Great reviewđź’—

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