Dorco Eve 6: Womens Razor’s | Review

I know as much as anyone that being a woman and buying razor after razor can be so frustrating, because they always die out eventually and don’t always do the best job…

Well, now that is all about to change.

Dorco Eve, in my opinion make THE best womens razor’s around and what’s more, you don’t even need to leave your house to get them and they don’t cost a fortune.

Yep, you definitely read that right!


I got the razor and the four replaceable blades for just £1 and FREE postage – What a bloody bargain!

You can buy this whole box, plus 2 more replacement blades for £4.55, which isn’t even full price. Full price for a handle and 6 replacement razor blades is £5.09.
However, there is a delivery charge of £1.95, but even at the price of £6.50, you are still getting a bargain because of how long they will last you and you never have to mess about in the shop, wasting time deciding which is the best one to use.

Being probably not the womanly-est woman ever (let’s just role with it) I would avoid shaving in the winter literally like it’s the plague – because, jeans and trousers are my best friend and why shave when I don’t really get my legs out in the winter? Exactly!

But anyway, you are probably wondering why these razors are better than the others we can pick up at Superdrug or Boots… and the answer is: they work better.

I have tried LOADS of razors, from the cheapest (I know!) to the quiet expensive and I haven’t loved them that much.

As I have sensitive skin, when I shave, regardless of any lotion, cream, conditioner I use to shave with, I always feel itchy when the hair starts coming back through and I always get razor bumps too, which are a literal pain in the backside!

But with Dorco Eve Razor’s, they are amazing. I can even shave with just water and I get no bumps and lumps and when my hair comes through again, it doesn’t make me itch like a mad man.


I love the fact that the blade isn’t just three chunky blades with a bit of soft padding around it, it is 6 small blades in two seperate sections with moisturing bands on either sides that contains Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and Lavender to calm the skin and help keep it soft when the hairs are being removed.

I honestly noticed the difference of how my legs felt after I used this razor instead of just an ordinary one – they wasn’t irritated and they felt super super soft and smooth!

I found the issue I had the most when trying to shave my pesky long legs, was that I would always miss a few bits, especially around my ankles because I wouldn’t want to go around there incase I cut myself – any ladies reading this, will know that shaving cuts are a pain in the bum!
However, because of the handle of the razor, it allows it to bend to the curves of your body with no problems whatsoever, and therefore means that when shaving with it, it is much more flexible than a standard razor, which is AMAZING!

I can say that using this razor twice so far, I have yet to make a single cut on my legs, which I think is definitely to do with the fact that it’s able to curve to the body. I used to always cut my legs when shaving with a regular razor, without fail.


As you saw from the first picture, it comes with replaceable blade heads and you don’t ever have to buy more than one handle (unless you nearly lose it like I almost did!) so all you have to do is replace the blades every so often and it’s super simple to do.

It even comes with instructions in the box of how to do it if you are struggling a little bit – so you’re all covered!

I whole heartedly suggest that any of you who use razors to shave your legs or under arms or whatever other hair on the body, then you should definitely invest in this!

I brought the handle and the four razors to begin with, then decided to take the subscription service of a new set of 4, every six months, at £5.75.

Come on ladies of the UK, what are you waiting for? Go and grab the best razors ever!

For more infomation on the Dorco Eve 6 Razors, then click here!

If you have one, let me know what you think of yours, would love to know your thoughts!


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