Dinner Date at Bella Italia! | Review

A while back, my boyfriend and I went to go and see Baywatch (which is funny and worth a watch) and my original plan was to go to GBK after the film, which was to celebrate the fact my boyfriend got a promotion at work, but he wanted to have Bella Italia instead, so we went with that and I’m glad we did!

We went to the Bella Italia in Islington, North London because it was right next to the cinema that we went to, so it made sense. When we entered, it wasn’t busy so we were greeted by a smiling waitress and she took us to our table.

No more are the days that a waiter or waitress comes up to you with a note pad and pen to take your order, oh no, Bella Italia have stepped up the technology and now you can use a tablet to make your order.


I have never been to a restuarant before where you can do all of your order on a tablet. It is actually really impressive!

It was really easy to use as well, there was a section for sides, starters, mains, desserts, drinks etc and you just add it by pressing the plus sign at the bottom of the screen and then when the entire order, or what you’re having first, is completed, then you simply just send it off to the kitchen and waiters.

Also, the great thing is that if you are someone who prefers the old fashion way of a restuarant, you do still get the paper menu and I’m sure if you requested, they would be happy to take your order too!

I had a browse through all of the different sections on the tablet and the first thing I went to was the drinks. As soon as I saw that they did milkshakes, I was all for it. I wanted a chocolate one and that’s what I got!
They called this one the Cioccolatissimo, and it’s just chocolate and chocolate and more chocolate and it was amazing, definitely worth every penny!

I hope that next time I go, I am able to try the banana and honeycomb milkshake they have because it sounds so so lovely!

Let’s move on to the good stuff… the food!

To start I had the Funghi Arrosto which is what you can see on the tablet, and it was honestly so lovely and a perfect size for a starter.
I had no idea it came with a slice of bread until it was placed in front of me, but glad it did because I was able to use it to collect the rest of the sauce with.

I loved this little starter, I wanted to munch it down because I was excited for my main, but as it was too hot I had to eat it quiet slowly, but it just that meant the food was definitely cooked properly, and I could take in all the tastes and it was devine!

I love it the most when I would get the mushroom and the bit of the cheese on the fork together, it made it all that more tasty.

If you are vegetarian, or even if you’re not and just looking for a meat free starter that’s good, then I would suggest going with this, you would not be disappointed.

The next and unforunately final thing that I ate was my main course…
This is just a beauty! Would you just take a minute to appreciate how amazing this pizza looks.

Because I was a silly bean and filled up on a large popcorn at the cinema before hand, I could only get down a slice of this pizza, but I finished the rest when I got home (the next day) and it was very very yummy, definitely worth a try for anyone that likes pizza and wants to explore the vegetarian side.

The pizza is called campagna for anyone interested – which I feel like you all should be!

All of the flavours of this pizza just work so well together – even the pine nuts on it were really nice! They were exceptionally tasty.

I surprisingly really loved the taste of the balsamic glaze too, it added that little more flavour to it – even if it was really really sticky and made your hands messy.

Overall though, Bella Italia is a very nice italian restuarant and you wouldn’t be disappointed if you went to the one in Islington, London.

The staff were lovely, the food was cooked really well and the technology they used was amazing!

Plus, on their website at the minute, they have an offer on: 50% off on main dishes – so there really is no excuse. When you next can, get to a Bella Italia and try their food!

For more details, head to www.bellaitalia.co.uk


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